August 9, 2006

Well, we really ought to be in the advanced stages of planning by now – there’s only five months to go. What do we do with the cats? Where do we store our belongings? Who is going to ship our belongings, and to where ?
There really are a million and one questions that we need to be finding answers for, not least because I’m sure there’s even more questions lurking beneath those ones!

We have, however, hit a hurdle. That hurdle being that the wife is no longer sure she wants to live in Australia as a permanent resident – not even for the finite two years that was planned to allow us to get citizenship before we re-assess the situation… as a result, she’s a bit loathe to even enter into conversation on any of the above topics.
Essentially, two years down the line, she’s decided that, actually, she’s quite enjoying her current job thank-you-very-much, and is more in the mood for an extended holiday. Maybe volunteering, looking after monkeys for a few weeks or something…
To say I’m frustrated by this is a major understatement. What have I been saving for over the past two years?? What of all my hopes and plans for the future (that were ours) ????
The goalposts have been moved to another pitch, and I need them back. Please.


The Big Sell

May 15, 2006

More stuff went on eBay today: books, commemorative newspapers, computer stuff – it's going to take forever to get rid of it all. I think we'll have a carboot in the summer, followed by a party where friends can take stuff they want that we haven't been able to sell. After this, whatever is left will go on freecycle and the masses can pick over the bones.

It begins…

May 14, 2006

Started thinking about it again, and what better way to begin than with a blog… ?

This will probably be a very casual thing until things start moving.